The Martian Is A Great Movie Adapted From Andy Weir 's Novel ' Mars Mission '

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“The Martian” is a great movie adapted from Andy weir’s novel “Mars Mission”. Accidentally wound and mistakenly believed dead, astronaut Mark Watney was left alone on the Mars as the Ares 3 and rest of crew safely evacuated from the planet. Using the minimum reserved resource from the Mars station, Mark found a way to make fresh water and grow the potato. Despite all the problem and challenges, he was able to establish communication with Earth by using the Pathfinder. While the rescue plan is developing and executing by NASA, Mark accidentally blew up the pressure chamber, which is his potato farm. At the same time, the rocket that carried the rescue supply was also failed to launch. Against all the misfortunes and desperations, they were able to obtain the help from the Chinese and reestablish the rescue plan. With the enormous amount of courage and heroism, Mark was launched into the space by an empty shuttle covered with a piece of plastic tarp. The scene that fascinated and shocked me the most is how Hermes uses the explosion to decelerate for the rescue and retract, and Mark’s ironman move which finally brought him close enough for the retraction. Of course, there was a happy ending of the story. But it is a miracle that Mark be able to survive on the Mars by himself for more than 500 days. Never the less, the movie also revealed some advanced space technologies that actually existed in real life, they are fascinating in my opinion.
The Habitat The habitation was Mark…

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