The Marketization Of Care For Older People Essay

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The Marketization of Care for Older People
This chapter aims to illustrate the theoretical framework of ‘mixed economy of care’ and ‘marketization of care’ as well as to explore the distinct model of care for older people in urban China.
In the first section, it applies the approach corresponds to the ‘mixed economy of care’ (Knapp et al., 2001, Lewis, 1995, Glendinning, 2012, Powell, 2007) and ‘care diamond’ (Ochiai, 2009, Razavi, 2007) in the field of ‘social care’ (Daly and Lewis, 2000; Lewis and West, 2014). After the discussion of the classification and characteristics of care diamonds in different contexts, it explores the changing balance of state, market, family, and community in the older care regime in urban China, especially in the field of home care. In urban China, there are trade-offs and cooperation among these four sectors. The state is still dominated in the older care but is changing from ‘big state’ to ‘indirect state’ (Jing, 2009) for monitoring, regulating, and financial supporting. China particularly values family for providing care to the older people. However, the function of family for older care has gradually degraded due to the significant changes in family structure, which cannot independently take the care responsibility. Yet, the role of family is and will be still active in the field of care for older people in China. In the meantime, the market started to play an active role in the field of care in terms of provision and finance…

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