Police Brutality In China

Cate Soboleski
China Final
Police Brutality: Recently China has had an outbreak of riots going on. These riots have been constructed by 1,000 Uighur people speaking out about their family members who were thrown in jail due to what they believed to be simply racial reasons. And how do these policemen handle it? By spraying clouds of teargas at these poor woman 's eyes. Police brutality is something that occurs everyday in China. In Chengguan ( an area known for its police brutality ) police beat a women in the street and beat a man who had been filming them with a hammer until he was vomiting blood. The reasons why the woman was beaten are unknown but the man was beaten senselessly simply for filming the event occurring. I guess the
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Most can not afford health care or to go to a doctor when dealing with an ailment or illness. Poverty in China hits harder in the rural areas then the more city based areas. In many small villages, those that manage to sell everything they had produced will only make about $1000 a year. Earning that much means they will not receive any more support from the government and have to do all housing and other basic necessities on their own. One of the reasons China’s poverty rates are so high is because China’s rural areas and Urban areas greatly differ especially in education. In the 1980’s the Chinese government started a 9 year mandatory education system for kids, ages 6 to 15 to further the future generations education which the government believed would help reduce poverty. The system had some success for children living in urban areas but has created a gap for children living in less wealthy rural areas. Rural students do not have the access to all the fine state-of-the-art facilities and knowledgeable, esteemed teachers and therefore stand virtually no chance academically against urban students. That makes it harder for the rural students to get better jobs and make more money because most likely a business is gonna hire the person with more experience and knowledge. The health care in China is also suffering from a similar challenge. For families in the rural living areas, the …show more content…
China really only started coming to the Olympics in the early 90’s and wasn 't really known for anything athletic before then. In 2008 China ranked #1 overall in the Olympics finishing with 51 gold medals, 21 silver medals, and 28 bronze medals. China 's best sports at the Summer Olympics are badminton, diving, gymnastics, shooting, table tennis, and weightlifting. China is known for soaring in table tennis and has won 23 of 27 gold medals for table tennis in the Olympics. Although China may not be known for being the most athletic country, their athletes that compete are incredibly dedicated and hardworking, starting to vigorously practice as young children. Since China is so overpopulated, they have a lot of amazing athletes to choose from when deciding who to send to the Olympics. China may not be #1 yet but they are sure on their

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