The Los Angeles Riots: Police Brutality And Abuse Of Power

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What most people believe about the police forces in the United States were seriously questioned after the LA riots occurred in 1992. The Los Angeles Riots were one of the most famous cases ever of police brutality and abuse of power. When four white LAPD beat Rodney King, a video of the beatings went viral and started a highly public rebellious riot. Many people felt that the police went way overboard and abused their power; it was also believed by many minorities that the beating was racially driven. The LAPD took things way too far in the situation regarding Rodney King. The police brutality that occurred during these riots started a race war that involved blacks and Hispanics vs. police and white people.
Four white LAPD officers beat Rodney King with their batons 56 times as Rodney King tried to crawl away, this led the officers to beat him hit more and began to tase him. This beating was caught on video and
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The following are some of the names of the victims: Robert Davis, Frank Jude, Steve Biko, Rodney King, Sean Bell, Timothy Thomas, Abner Louima, Robert Mitchell, Amadou Diallo and Kathryn Johnston. All of these people were innocent and killed the worst one was Amadou Diallo, because police thought he was holding a weapon, when he in fact wasn 't. The police made the assumption that when he was reaching into his pocket, he was reaching for a weapon. The police then fired 41 bullets into his apartment and when the smoke cleared, Amadou was holding his wallet. Each of these cases resulted in police abusing their power, and there are more like this, but these are just the top ten worst cases of police brutality. No matter what the case is the police should never kill someone until it is the last choice, and even then they shouldn’t. Whenever the police abuse their power it never ends well for anyone, and they should know that by

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