The Marketing Of Modern Commercial Advertising Essay

1221 Words Nov 16th, 2015 5 Pages
Have major corporations and businesses manipulated the average American consumer? Even though advertising and marketing create positive awareness for products and help economic growth, advertising is definitely geared to manipulate the consumer. Modern commercial advertising strips many cultural customs of all purpose except to sell and make profit. This creates a consumer culture, culture is based on material objects and the process of purchasing them. America has a long and complicated history with commercial advertising and marketing, one which has created a materialistic obsession with both brand name products and purchasing. Companies have cheapened holidays and turned them into nothing more than a marketing vehicle to sell their products. These examples highlight some of the major problems commercial product advertising has created within society. To successfully sell a product, a company must appeal to society 's wants and desires through marketing campaigns. For the most part, this requires a great deal of both manipulation, and subtle subconscious hints. The simpler advertisements are often applied to straightforward products meant to improve one 's life or make it easier. During the late nineteenth century, one of the first and largest consumer bases was that of the housewife. Tied to the home and constantly performing labor intensive tasks, many products that could lessen their burden would become popular. This formed a profitable market to sell many new…

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