Essay on The Marketing of Blackmore

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Executive summary:

This report was to investigate the company Blackmores, and different theories such as corporate communication, integrated marketing communication, corporate social responsibility, and green marketing or greenwashing. Blackmore is popular in Australia, and it is one of the top health providers for 80 years history. Blackmores’ main products are vitamins, minerals and herb supplemental medicine. This report introduces some features of corporate communication involving stakeholder relations, and it also advocates the importance of corporate communication theories in the communication between stakeholders relation. Moreover, this report introduces the concept of integrated marketing communication or advertisement, which
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According to Solomon, Hughes, Chitty, Fripp, Marshall, and Stuart (2011), stakeholders mainly have seller, buyer, manager and shareholder even any group or individual related with the company’s outcome. In these stakeholders, they have to communicate with each other and corporate with each other to work out a plan or marketing direction. Also their relationship also are defined as different relation like internal, external and media or government and these relationship theory show the importance of corporate communication between them in order to improve company’s productivity and outcome.

2.3 Theory of IMC

According to Baidya and Maity (2010), integrated marketing communication becomes a new research area in two field: marketing and mass communications. Also integrated marketing communication could help company build brand equity and maximize communication impact (Mehir & Bipasha 2010). Even some people think integrated marketing communication could maximize their marketing communication effects. In the advertising industry, previous literatures about academic advertising and consumer behavior theory pay more attention on brand and image-oriented advertising rather than marketing communication (Nowak, & Phelps, 1994). Nowak, and Phelps (1994), found that there important conceptualizations including one-voice marketing communication, integrated marketing communication and coordinated marketing communication. Firstly, one-voice marketing communication means all

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