Soma Brave New World Analysis

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Originally created to facilitate and improve the lives of humans, technology--through reshaping of social interactions--allows humans to communicate in a widespread, anonymous manner that both unites strangers while simultaneously depriving individuals of physical, and personal interactions. After observing technology’s presence in my daily events, social media evidently allows individuals to express their emotions, beliefs, and opinions without the essential underlying need to make it personal or direct, thus redefining the pattern in which individuals socialize with one another—a pattern that makes genuine interactions obsolete. Supported by Pope Francis’ Laudato Si’, social media’s influence in society mirrors soma’s effects in Brave New World by allowing individuals to escape reality for a more comfortable world; however, Pope Francis proposes that the current state of …show more content…
With their actions and statements isolated from their true identity, people are encouraged to do things they wouldn’t naturally do on their own, much like soma does for the people in Brave New World. By having soma, the people are relieved of their stress, responsibilities, and worries for the moments in which they are gone. After all, the Controller states that “if ever, by some unlucky chance, anything unpleasant should somehow happen…there’s always soma to calm your anger, to reconcile you to your enemies, [and] to make you patient and long-suffering” (213). Similarly, people are relieved from their realities when they access social media. As a whole, social media acts as Brave New World’s soma that isolates people from one another and themselves by allowing them to enter a different realm where their real responsibilities are regarded

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