Essay on The Man 's Death - Original Writing

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"I don 't want to be lady-like, I want to lure men to their death."
"And why would you want to do that child? The professor questioned. He looked me up and down from where I stood in front of the class. His face stood still as he tried to keep from gasping in shock.
"To put them in their place." I responded bluntly.

"Please, stop!" The man cries from where he is tied.
“Quiet, I’m trying to think.” I silence him with a wave of my hand that seals his mouth shut. “Now, where are they keeping it?”The man doesn’t respond. With a sigh I wave my hand again. Only this time, his lips unseal.
“I don’t know,” he responds urgently.
“Wrong answer,” I clench my fist and watch as the man struggles for air. I watch until he turns a light shade of purple and unclench my fist. “Let 's try that again.”
“I… They don’t… Tell me anything…” He manages through breaths. I lift my hand and slowly start to close it. “Wait!” I stop. “Headquarters.” He says finally.
“Where is ‘Headquarters?’” I glare at him, forcing him into submission.
“Richmond, Virginia.” He answers. “You’ll let me go now, right? Just as you promised?”
“Now there’s a promise,” I twist my wrist and his neck snaps, “that I do not intend to keep.”

The rain poured down on me as I sat there, waiting. The clouds had covered the sky all day and didn’t show any sign of fading away. The rainfall pounded on the roof, creating a steady beat. I started tapping a rhythm to fit the beat. That’s when he appeared.
“Been waiting long?” His…

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