The Man Who Was Almost A Man Essay

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The Man Who Was Almost a Man
In the beginning of the story “The Man Who Was Almost a Man” Dave Saunders is very much like an innocent, immature child and is until the end – though maybe not as innocent and much more dangerous.
He starts out in the story on his way home from work angry and frustrated at the “niggers” (Paragraph 1) that he works the field with treating him like a kid and talking down to him. He figures that since he is seventeen that he is “almost a man” (1) and that means he should have himself a gun. He believes that owning a gun will make him a man.
Throughout the book, however, one can see Dave become more violent and trigger-happy little by little. It starts out with thinking about how “he was going to get a gun and practice shooting” (1) so that the other men “couldn’t talk to him” (1) like he was a kid. Now, one would look at this passage and infer that he was going to shoot bottles or the like in front of the men to show them that he was a man. However there are a few more hints toward him becoming more violent as the story progresses.
When contemplating asking his mother for a gun he became uneasy about mentioning money in front of his father and possibly uneasy about mentioning the gun too. Reading on his mother says that if his dad found out she let him buy a gun he would have a fit. One can conclude that Dave is scared of his father’s wrath and that his father either yells a lot or beats his son when he does something stupid. Either way his…

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