Issues Of Climate Change

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Have you ever seen water come up storm drains in sunny weather in the middle of the day? Or how about 70,000,000 people being stranded on rooftops? This is a problem people are beginning to face every year because of climate change. Climate change is greenhouse gases trapped in the atmosphere, causing earth’s temperature to rise. Climate change is a huge issue because it causes many problems that destroy lands and waters, and kill animals, plants, and humans or cause them to relocate. It is so important that every country, including China, and along with 50,000 business leaders showed up to a big meeting to address issues of climate change, how it is impacting their country, and what needs to be done to fix it (Background essay). …show more content…
And it does in severe ways. For one, climate change is melting glaciers. You may think, what does this have to do with humans besides a little warm temperate? A lot. One of the main reasons being that about 400 million people worldwide depend on mountain glaciers as a water source. Glaciers are crucial for life support in villages such as villages in the Zanskar valley where they get just half an inch of rain a year due to cold temperatures. Not only do the glaciers serve as drinking water but they are also the only water supply for farmers irrigated fields. Another reason climate change is impacting humans in severe ways is from flooding. In the state of Tamil Nadu in India about 70,000,000 people were stranded on their rooftops. More than 1,000 people were injured and at least 280 were killed. Coastal cities around the world are learning that the consequences of climate change is very costly. "As climate change continues, flood and other environmental disasters are bound to reoccurs, causing untold billions worth of damage" says an article on the floods in India. Although countries are pledging to proved billions of dollars annually (beginning in 2020) to help developing countries with the effects of climate change, it still isn 't enough to keep people alive. Only to clean up after the messes. But civil society organizations say it 's still not enough to even do that. Another major effect is job loss. In Maine climate change is creating major job loss. Before I talked about the gulf of Maine and how fish and lobster are retreating from it. This is creating major job loss because the companies aren 't getting any fish and have to close down. In some places in Maine there is too much lobster (in the places they are retreating to) that the prices go down for the lobster and the workers don 't get enough money to even live. Climate change impacts humans

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