Essay about The Major Events Of World War II

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The major event that took place during the late 1920s was World War II, which followed the Great Depression that ended in 1939. Although President FDR’s idea of the New Deal Programs helped Americans to recover from the Depression somewhat, World War II ended it completely by terminating unemployment. In addition, as the economic crisis cleared up, Americans began to concern more about the oncoming war. Conflicts arose between isolationists and people who supported intervention in the global conflict as war progressed. Factors, such as the desire to help allies, to end the war, and to continue trade eventually led major changes in US foreign policy during this time period.
After the Great Depression, there was an increasing trend of isolationism before the start of World War II in the 1930s. Many Americans, especially isolationists, persisted to stay neutral when war broke out in Europe. Organizations, like The American First Committee and The Nye Committee, were formed by the isolationist to criticize any support for war, and to feed the isolationist sentiment in America.(Doc J) As a result, congress adopted a series of neutrality acts that prohibited and banned any aid in any form to any belligerent. Although President Roosevelt was reluctant to sign these acts, he responded by assuring the American people (specifically the isolationists) that his intention was to keep America out of war through his Address in 1935.(Doc A) However, as the war progressed, President…

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