The Homeless: The Impacts Of Homelessness

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A homeless person is one who has no permanent housing, one who can live in abandoned shelters, car, street single room occupancy facilities and or one without a permanent residence. A person is considered homeless if that person is unable to maintain the situation of that house and hence is forced to stay at a friend 's house are stay with other family members (Crane et al., 2005). People who do not have permanent residence such as those hiring houses for the certain duration, someone who loses his real home as a result of the court ruling and somebody who for a long time has not lived independently at home. This research work is going to discuss the effects of homelessness
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People run to other countries in search of peace and safety and are forced to live homeless as refugees. Currently, terrorism is steadily on the rise and in areas that are continuously threatened by terrorist yields many homeless people running for their lives. In the world war one and two, many people lost their homes and lived in areas where they could find peace. Others were sold as slaves and never got a chance of being in their homes.
Impacts of homelessness
Youths who are homeless have a high chance of abusing drugs and becoming drug addicts. 55% of the street youth and 34% of the shelter youths use drugs as compared to the youths who are not homeless (Kondratas, 1991). Female youths who are homeless are more vulnerable to the youths who are not homeless. This is so because those who are in the streets have less attention from their parents and they have a lot of their time with the fellow youths hence they experience a lot of peer pressure as compared to the youths at home.
It is estimated that three-quarters of the homeless youths suffer from depression, low self-esteem, and self-denial. The proportion of distress is expressed in their talk, and many of them tend to be violent. Many of the youths are mostly hopeless and participate in immoral activities without fear such as stealing, rape, bisexual relationships and many ends up joining terrorist groups causing
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Few people will be able to do the production in a country, and many people will be poor this will retard the process of development.
Solutions to Homelessness
The problem of homelessness can slowly be brought to an end. One of the solutions is providing houses through the respective government (Fantuzzo & Perlman, 2007). This is done by identifying the homeless persons and moving them to subsidized houses and then connects them to the support organizations. This should be done especially to the long-term street homeless people.
People who have mental disorders and depression should be treated against this first before being given houses. Those who can work should be given job opportunities to support themselves. The youths who are under the influence of drugs should be withdrawn from the use and be treated so that they are handled while sober (Shinn et al., 1998). Those who can go to school should be given that chance by supporting them so that in future they are able to support others because they have the experience and knows how to go about

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