The Major Cause And Effects Of Global Warming

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Global warming is the term used to describe an increase in the average temperature of the Earth 's atmosphere and its oceans,a change that is believed to be changing the climate of earth ( ). It has been a global issue for a long time now. It has led to many global problems that are very dangerous to all people.
Some historical background of global warming is , ever since the 1880’s earth 's temperature has been gradually increasing which is impacting the whole world and makes sea level rise which can lead to many problems. Earth 's climate has changed throughout history. Just in the last 650,000 years there has been been cycles of global advance and retreat. In the last 7,000 years marks the beginning of the modern climate
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It is the process by which radiation from a planet 's atmosphere warms the planet 's surface to a temperature above what it would be without its atmosphere. In easier words the earth gets energy from the sun in the form of sunlight. The Earth 's surface absorbs some of this energy and heats up. That 's why the surface of a road can feel hot even after the sun has gone down because it has absorbed a lot of energy from the sun. The Earth cools down by giving off a different form of energy, called infrared radiation. But before all this radiation can escape to outer space, greenhouse gases in the atmosphere absorb some of it, which makes the atmosphere warmer. As the atmosphere gets warmer, it makes the Earth 's surface warmer, too ( Guide to Global Climate Change ). This is why the greenhouse effect is one of the biggest causes to global warming , it increases the earth 's temperature very quickly. Some gases that contribute to the greenhouse effect include water vapor (H2O) , Methane (CHu) , Nitroxide (N2O) and The biggest one Carbon Dioxide (CO2). The man-made (or anthropogenic) component of the greenhouse effect is caused by man’s activities that emit greenhouse gases to the atmosphere. Human activities are responsible for almost all of the increase in greenhouse gases in the atmosphere over the last 150 years. The largest source of greenhouse gas emissions from human activities in the United States is from …show more content…
Industry which causes many industrial processes, such as cement production, liquid natural gas production and coal mining, produce a variety of greenhouse gases. Which contributes to the Warming of the Earth. Recent climate change is caused by an excess of heat-trapping emissions in the atmosphere. The gases happen to be coming from extracting and then burning massive amounts of coal and oil, as well as destroying tropical forests ( Union of concerned scientist ). Industrial activities that our modern civilization depends on have raised CO2 levels. The Industry sector produces the goods and raw materials we use every day. Making them brings the gases and materials used that are contributing to Global Warming. That 's why Industry is the third greatest cause to Global warming . But without Industry we wouldn 't have all the materials we use every day , that 's why this is such a big

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