Vaccination Pros And Cons

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The topic of vaccination has always been a subject of discussion. Many people understand the basic benefit of getting vaccinated, which is to prevent illness. There are numerous benefits of getting vaccinated, that people do not know or understand. However, with an abundance of information at a touch of a button, some of the information is false or exaggerated. Misinformation about vaccines causes fear and distrust, which in turn causes many to avoid vaccinations. There is trend of people not getting vaccinated, who are called anti-vaxxers. This can have catastrophic effects on the individual and society. The three main effects of not getting vaccinated are the harm of the individual’s health and social options, the increased illnesses, and …show more content…
Many people do not recognize that vaccinations are beneficial to his or her health, while decreasing the risk of contracting a pathogen. As obvious as it may seem, illnesses can cause individuals to become sick. For example, many people do not believe that vaccines work and do not get the vaccination, thereby he is putting himself at risk of catching the sickness. Many times or not, he may simply state that “If I get sick, I will just get over it”; but the effect of the disease may more complex and severe that the body cannot fight the illness alone. Additionally, vaccines can lessen the effects of the virus, such as the degree of severity and duration. This was shown in a German study of the whooping cough vaccine, “vaccinated individuals who developed whooping cough had a significantly shorter duration of chronic cough than [individuals who did not vaccinate]” (Andre). The social implication of not getting vaccinated is the restriction of opportunities. When unvaccinated, travel is restricted and education institutions are limited. While traveling internationally, each country has vaccination regulations that must be followed. Due to the various different sicknesses, one must rely on vaccinations to stay healthy and protected. Some daycares and schools require vaccinations that are up to date; if not, they may deny care and services. Texas higher education institutions, such as colleges, universities, …show more content…
However, many are uninformed about the benefits getting vaccines. This topic is frequently discussed within the education system and work environment. With fewer people getting vaccinations, these places are vulnerable to the spread and contraction of diseases. The benefits of vaccines are shown everyday in such a way that no one notices. The effects of individuals not getting vaccinated are the harm to the individual, the increase spread of the illness, and the ending of herd immunity. Because of these devastates affects, the public must be given information about vaccinations in order to make an informed decision for themselves and society.
Much of the population are unsure of the decision to vaccinate. However over time, people do not see the benefits and become weary of its purpose, through the own fault of vaccines itself. Vaccination are meant to protect you; when it has done its job, you do not question “Why did I not get sick?”, therefore causing you to not understand the benefits of vaccines. To ensure that public is given accurate and adequate information about vaccines, a visual media campaign should be create to educate individuals about vaccinations through the news, print media, and social

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