The Main Cause Of The Great Depression Essay

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During the progressive era our country faced many problems during 1896 until 1920. Who was the progressive? A main leader are upper/Middle Class white men and women which there are college educated and lives in the cities and used sciences & technology, experts to solve problems. It was multifaceted movement in which was formed to fix the problems regarding to Big Business, economy and urban society resulting from the industrialization. Their main economic goals were to rationalize the big business. Problem one is that there was lack of the uniforms rules and laws. Because business make the laws benefits to their self for example lower wage for the workers & working conditions.
During the Great Depression, our country faced one of the terrifying economy turn down in the 1929. Where many people lost their jobs, become bankrupt and forced live on the street. How did this happen? There are three main causes to the Great Depression. First stock market crash, second causes is overproduction and third cause is Uneven 1920s Economy. How did stock market crash it from $100 to $10 for each stock value? Stock is the ownership in the certain company. There were three problems in which stock market collapses even faster. First speculation short term investor for quit cash, knows market well than ordinary person, knows in-out companies. Specular sells stock when is stock shift down while other ordinary person holds. In 1929, specular sold stock while other ordinary holds the stock due…

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