Origin Of The Cold War Essay

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The Origin of the Cold War
Prior to the start of the Cold War, Europe was suffering from post war troubles that had occurred as a result of World War 2. The war had caused all sorts of chaos. Populations were left dislocated and wandering, the economy was suffering, food and fuel supply was low, and the social order of Europe was threatened (Dunn, 777). All over Europe, sympathizers and upset citizens executed hundreds of Nazi members, and ransacked and shaved the heads of women accused of having relations with Axis soldiers (Dunn, 777). Even after the resolution of the war, there were reports of Poles killings Jews, persuading more than 200,000 Holocaust survivors to flee from Eastern Europe and never return. In some of the more heavily combated zones, millions suffered from food shortages, and malnourishment and death thrived throughout the land (Dunn, 777). Post war Europe was experiencing unbelievable troubles and economic downturns, and the
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The German, Japanese, and Italian empires vanished, and the United States and the Soviet Union emerged as the big imperial winners (Dunn, 778). These two countries, U.S. and USSR had proclaimed their commitment to postwar unity and cooperation. (article) However, more catastrophe was created than was dissolved. The U.S. had hoped that the formation of the United Nations Organizations, would allow the two allied powers with the assistance of Britain, France, and China to promote international cooperation with one another, and prevent new conflicts from occurring (Dunn, 779). Unfortunately, the Soviet Union and the other four powers became simultaneously involved in disputes and rivalries, instead of furthering the numerous economic and cultural projects that were underway, and then starts the cold war. The onset of the cold was caused by the U.S. and the Soviet Union 's differences ideologically, as well as their desire to pursue their own legitimate security

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