Essay about The Low Rate Of Youth Unemployment

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As a bunch of students would graduate from universities, they start to look for a job that match their majors. Before the youth gets what they have learned from institutions, they are worried by the status of unemployment in today’s society. Also, some school leavers would not like to receive a low paying job. This phenomena we call youth unemployment. Some statistics that “more than 40 percent of young people are unemployed” in spain, “more than 20 percent” in France, and “21 percent” in USA (Tapscott and Williams, 2012, p. 24) . These stats reveals the low rate of youth employment in western countries. The high unemployment is the main cause of why many young people want to immigrate other countries to find career paths. Due to the reasons that some problems are made by labour markets, education systems, and employment structures, a lot of people begin to shift their attentions on the youth unemployment problem and to find some ways to solve this tricky problem; however, it is obviously not an easy task to deal with. In order to reduce youth unemployment rate, some banks might increase the funding for entrepreneurs; corporations should help the youth by building a youth-friendly environment to assist the newly graduate to find a job that is suitable for them.
Banks, as an area that provides people with financial services, might increase entrepreneurs’ funding to decline the rate of youth unemployment. Since a lot of youth could not find a job they are passionate about,…

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