The Love Of Love And Love Essay

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Love is one of the main themes in literature; it is present in the works of all time, from mythology to nowadays. Numerous philosophers’ thought together about this theme without managing to determine it’s meaning. In spite of the difficulty to give a meaning to this term, we know that love is an attachment we carry for someone. However, love takes a meaning when it is shared or lived. Which excludes for example the love of the nature or the love for shopping because there isn’t any reciprocity. This conception of shared love includes a wide range of different feelings, going of the passionate desire and romantic love, in the soft closeness without sexuality of family love or platonic love and in the spiritual worship of religious love. As Voltaire can tell us in The Philosophical Dictionary “There so many sorts of love that one does not know to whom to address oneself for a definition of it. The name of love is given boldly to a caprice lasting few days, a sentiment without esteem, gallants’ affections, a frigid habit, a romantic fantasy, relish followed by prompt disrelish people give the name to a thousand chimeras.” Can romantic love and classical love approached in Antiquity really define love? And especially can they define this concept widely enough?

In romantic love literature, the works are mainly about love. Nevertheless, rare are the novels in which the love story isn’t the vector of a wider thinking on the world in which we live. We can then wonder in…

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