Loss Of Freedom In Animal Farm By George Orwell

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The non action that people take is what really kills a persons soul. To realize what we could have prevented when we first saw it, is now what they are weeping about. It is very hard to try to fix things or try to go against someone however once they have you wrapped around them and their ideas then there is no going back. We as a country, a town, as humans begins we have to question what’s around us and when we feel uncomfortable with someones ideas we have to change it into something we believe is right. No matter what the consequence might be, just like in the Animal Farm. In George Orwell 's Animal Farm, the animals never questioned their leaders, which lead to loss of their freedom.
The only thing that had any sort of action to what they disapproval of the drunk farmer in the Animal Farm, (15-17), it’s
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If the animals could have been able to see all the things that were wrong in there life, like being worked to death, or fighting to death. If everything would have been changed from the beginning they would have been eating like kings and queens for eternity, they would have been happy and would work on their own terms and wouldn’t have suffered the way they were suffering. The windmill would have been stronger than ever and their connections and friendship would have lasted. They would have been the only farm run by animals and would have been a legend. These animals could have changed the word and showed how hard it is to change things in our world, but not impossible. They could have showed the other animals how hard work pays of in the end and there 's a light at the end of the tonel. All of these things could have been possible for these animals, they could have had a better fuller life that would have been very happy However we can’t be stuck on the what if. The animals will never know what could have happened. Because they questioned their leader to

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