Essay on The Los Angeles County Sheriff

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When it comes to comparing and contrasting, I can say myself and the ethnic group we chose have many similarities. Some certain things we face as latinos and blacks is being looked down upon. While reading Race, Class, and Gender in the United States by Rothenberg they discussed how guidance counselors and teachers view minorities as people who don’t have the ability to take “hard” subjects such as mathematics and science. I myself have seen my friend experience this throughout her years in high school. She headed to her counselor 's office one day to see if she can take a certain AP class and the counselor suggested her to take an extracurricular class instead so she can actually graduate which I viewed as something wrong for her to say. She basically stated to her that someone like her who is black can’t handle the workload that would be given to her. Another thing would be that we are viewed as people who cause violence, for example Lee Baca who is the Los Angeles County sheriff, made an opinion piece in the Los Angeles Times last year that appeared under the simple headline, “In L.A., Race Kills.” Insisting he would not ignore the issue as others had, Baca said, “So let me be very clear about one thing: we have a serious interracial violence problem in this county involving blacks and Latinos.” He looked at a variety of incidents, and most disturbingly, he said his evidence showed that “Some of L.A.’s so-called gangs are really no more than loose-knit bands of blacks or…

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