Analysis Of The Juvenile Detention Alternative Initiative

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After visiting the web link provided in the instructions for this week’s discussion task, I read what was basically an abstract for the full 40-page report. This exposed me to an overview of the Juvenile Detention Alternative Initiative (JDAI) and how successful the program became and continues to grow. But, I wanted to know more specifically what JDAI is before recognizing the impressive statistical achievements this program has reported. So, I downloaded the full 40-page report and learned the following…

The main purpose, or goal, for creating the JDAI was to decrease the number of juveniles in detention and to do that without compromising public safety (A. C. Foundation, 2014). The JDAI was also instrumental in revising the detention phase for adjudication and disposition hearings. The folks that created this initiative were confident it would become the standard for many jurisdictions allowing for the number of juveniles in a
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The rate of detention has been drastically reduced. Daily detention the year after adopting JDAI is down 43%. JDAI has also reduced detention by 39% compared to jurisdictions not using this program (A. C. Foundation, 2014).

3. Although nationwide there has been a decrease in youth detention, those utilizing JDAI fell by 42% compared to others at 22% (A. C. Foundation, 2014).

4. JDAI reduces detention of youths that does not compromise public safety as reported by 93% of participating jurisdictions (A. C. Foundation, 2014).

5. JDAI is reducing the number of youth of color being incarcerated by 40% and has become instrumental in way to battle the disproportionate rate of detention compared to all others (A. C. Foundation, 2014).

6. JDAI had saved the taxpayers $143.5 million dollars by being able to reduce the number of beds for detention by 2,050 (A. C. Foundation, 2014).

7. JDAI has significantly reduced the number of youths being detained in state facilities by as much as 43% (A. C. Foundation,

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