The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy Essays

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In 1984 my father received his first publication of The Lord of the Rings trilogy. He now owns three different complete sets, as well as all three movies with 12 hours of behind the scenes extended footage. Growing up with this Tolkien nut in life, I only watched the full movie trilogy just last year. While watching the movie I grew a hatred for Boromir as he always seemed to be after the ring and not care for Frodo. In the end however, I respected his actions to save the two hobbits. Boromir is one of the humans in the fellowship. He is easily manipulated by the ring and driven by power. Given this, for the majority of his time with the fellowship, he believed in keeping the ring to defeat Sauron and not destroying it even after the council had rejected the idea. The way he still pursues the ring even after the Elrond is quoted saying “‘We cannot use the Ruling Ring… It… is altogether evil… They very desire of it corrupts the heart.”(11, LOTR and Philosophy). This persistence points out that his first goal is to obtain the ring and then have unlimited power in order to save Gondor. However this goal does not happen and instead shifts when he dies to having the fellowship succeed and destroying the ring, thus diminishing Sauron 's power. Boromir is with the fellowship until he dies while protecting Merry and Pippin. The situation arose when Boromir pulled Frodo aside to persuade the hobbit to give him the ring. When Frodo refused, Boromir tried to forcibly take it from…

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