Who Is Bilbo Change In The Hobbit

Any story needs interesting character in order to keep a readers attention. Without diverse and multi-dimensional characters, the story will become flat and lose the reader 's attention. J.R.R. Tolkein is the author of the critically acclaimed Lord of the Rings books. These novels did not just become a story, but they became a universe. This universe that Tolkein has manifested has become near and dear to many fans of the series. Inside his meticulously crafted universe he has forged numerous unique personalities. Beyond question the characters and personalities of The Hobbit prevail as one of the finest aspects of the novel; therefore, it forms a compelling story told by fleshed out, compelling, and authentic characters.

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At the beginning of the book Bilbo did not care nor think of anything outside of the Shire (C). By the end of the book after his transformation hsi veiw has changed dramatically but still retains his love of the Shire (C). Bilbo 's fianly event that changes him can be clearly seen when saves everyone from the spiders ' trap and formulates a plan to help them escape putting only himself in harm 's way. Bilbo is also extraordinarly clever when he outsmarts Gollum with the riddles they were trading in a game to stay alive. Even though his riddle was a mistake he had enough wits to play out his error while his life is on the line. It would be impossible to argue that Bilbo does not become the leader of the pary after he rescues the dwarves from the spiders and elves. Initially Bilbo would have never been able to lead his friends without Gandalf. One could compare Bilbo to a superhero with his super power being his luck. Such ocassions his luck has saved him include when the goblins tried kidnapping the dwarves in the mountains, finding the Arkenstone in the monumental pile of treasure, surviving the escape from the Elf Kings palace on a barrel, and finding Smaug 's weakspot (B). Not only does he have uncanny luck but he is very pure and keeps part of his character throughout the entire novel. Bilbo never falters in his morals even if it means betraying Throrin, not killing Gollum when presented …show more content…
Gandalf can be equated to as the mentor for Bilbo and the catalyst for his changes (B). Gandalf is the guiding force behind Bilbo even when he is not there. He provides Bilbo with the courage to become the leader of the party of dwarves and the hero of the book(B). Gandalf was able to ensure the success of Bilbo 's joining of the group on the adventure in many ways. First he recruited Bilbo as a burglar even though he was far from one at the time. Next he prevented Bilbo from turning around to get his pipe, handkerchief, and tobacco as Gandalf had grabbed them for him before leaving(B). Finally he keeps Bilbo alive training him all the way up until the end of Beorn 's territory. Gandalf also carries around an aura of mystery everywhere he goes. The intent behind why he helped the dwarves is unknown. Gandalf was obviously interested in the money despite believeing he had earned a share of it (B). His disappearance halfway through the novel is also very strange. We never learn about the specifics of what he was doing but we can only assume he was doing something very important for him to have to leave the party of dwarves and Bilbo before their final leg of their adventure(B). Gandalf also seems to be semi-omniscient. Some examples of him dispalying this trait are when wakes up and stops the goblins attacking him in the cave, when he saves Bilbo and the party of dwarves from the trolls in the beginning of their adventure,

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