The Hobbit And Lord Of The Rings Analysis

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The Battle of Middle Earth: The Hobbit verses The Lord of the Rings

Two great classic novels are The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. Both of these are amazing books that teach of courage, faithfulness, and friendship. However, when there are two things in discussion, one usually edges out the other. The Lord of the Rings is more captivating because of the importance of the Fellowship, the differences in the battles, and how the characters are portrayed. One of the most important things that makes The Lord of the Rings so spectacular is the Fellowship. Unlike in The Hobbit where the journeying party is made up of just dwarves, the Fellowship is a mix of many races. This is a far more effective way to complete any task. When there are different kinds of people working together, there comes
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The main character, Frodo, is a young hobbit dealt the burden of destroying the One Ring. The innocence of Frodo is best put into words by Schaefer (2012) "Frodo Baggins, as introduced in the Fellowship, is a wide-eyed, and good-hearted hobbit who demonstrates immense courage in the face of overwhelming danger." (Schaefer) Through his awful ordeal Frodo shows amazing resistance to the evil that permeates the ring. From the beginning of the first book, when Frodo inherits the ring from Bilbo, to the last book; Frodo has the intention of obliterating the ring. He only ever waivers from this when he was about to destroy it. Except for that, he cares nothing for its power, and knows it is for the common good that it be destroyed. Bilbo on the other hand displays a different thought. He takes the ring from Gollum 's cave for himself. He does not tell anybody about it which shows a level of selfishness. Bilbo keeps and uses the ring for many years, until he decides to leave his home and travel. He then dumps the burden of the ring onto the shoulders of his nephew,

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