J. R. R. Tolkien's Influence On Lord Of The Rings

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J. R. R. Tolkien was born on January 3, 1892. He loved to create and learn languages his whole life. His parents died when he was a young man. He attended Oxford College. The Hobbit was published in 1937 and is the prequel to The Lord of the Rings trilogy. He wrote it as a Dark Age prehistory for Europe. The novels had integrated many diverse characters throughout the storyline. There are many conflicts that change the course of the plot. This includes characters’ fates and the destiny of Middle-earth. The Lord of the Rings has influenced many authors to write and publish novels that are analogous to Tolkien’s works of epic fantasy. Society did not believe that the books could be adapted in a live-action motion picture. When they …show more content…
The people of Rohan, the Rohirrim, are based on the historical Anglo-Saxons. Finnish mythology was also an influence on Tolkien’s Middle-earth. The Elvish language, Quenya, was based on elements of Finnish. The Lord of the Rings was influenced by European mythologies, including the Anglo-Saxon poem, Beowulf. Shakespeare’s Macbeth also impacted Tolkien in a number of ways. The Ent attack on Isengard was inspired by “Birnam Wood coming to Dunsinane” in the play; Tolkien felt men carrying boughs was not impressive enough, and thus he used tree-like …show more content…
Though some animated films were made. Then in 2001 The Lord of the Rings The Fellowship of the Ring came out in theaters and went on to win a good deal of awards. The whole trilogy won seventeen Academy Awards. It received $2,917,506,956 in the Box Office for the three films. The book trilogy has ultimately become the third best-selling novel ever written, with over 150 million copies sold, while the fourth best-selling novel is Tolkien’s The Hobbit.
These books got society to start to read more than they used to. This is mostly due to Tolkien creating a whole history for his world that made them more believable. He also created some characters that society could sympathize. The global literary success is greater than just about any literary writing in history.
Overall, J. R. R. Tolkien and Middle-earth have influenced the whole world in many ways since the 1930s. These range from literature reading, an explosion of writing in the science fiction and fantasy genre, and also in the production of movies. Tolkien inscribed a world onto paper that was made believable to society because of his languages for the races and the histories he produced for his mythical world. Tolkien altered the manner of which authors would write book and what they would put down on paper. Very few novelists have been able to publish works at his level, and those who have say that Tolkien was an influence,

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