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For a long time, the World of Middle-Earth, created by J. R. R. Tolkien, was described as a true work of art. Tolkien is one of the first authors to ever create an entire fantasy just for the sake of his books. That shows his dedication to his passion of writing. And it paid off in the end. Tolkien is considered by many as one of the best, if not the best, authors of all time. He created new names, new places, and much more. Tolkien was very dedicated to his passion. He spent so much item ad effort on tit, which most people overlook. TOLKIEN'S PASSION OF WRITING-------He wrote one book- The Silmarrilion, then wrote The Hobbit, the tied everything together in The Lord of The Rings. All these books had were based in the same place: Middle-Earth. …show more content…
Lluvatar knew about a supreme force/being, whose name is not mentioned. Since he could not see him, they tried to "make him", but he was really just a vision. So when Lluvatar, or Eru as he is also know, brought his vision to life and made Ëa, later known as Earth. The people of Ainur, Eru's race, were allowed to live on Ëa if they so desired. Until Arda was made, They wandered the regions of Ëa, but then came the Kingdom of Earth. Melkor was the mightiest of the Ainur, and he turned evil when he went to earth and fought against the other Ainur there. The 14 members of the Ainur became known as the Valar, who fought against Melkor. Melkor was beating them, but then came Tulkas. Melkor no longer was winning, so he left and hated Tulkas forever. Arda was only lit because of two lamps, put there by Tulkas. Melkor secretly came back and built an underground fortress. Things started going bad. Animals were getting sick and fighting against each other. Plants were dying, so the Valar came and sought to find Melkor. But by the time they found him, Melkor had destroyed the two lamps. More battles raged on and more bad things happened, but that would take too long to explain. But, that is the point. Being so detailed requires lots of time, work, and effort, which is what Tolkien did. It shows us how dedicated he was to his passion of

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