The Long Term Effects Of Cigarettes On The Body Essay

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Up until the 1930’s scientist and doctors said Cigarettes were considered safe and, it was not until recently, nearly 85 years, later that scientist are truly beginning to understand the long term effects that cigarettes leave on the body. Presently the Center for Disease Control report that cigarettes cause over 480,000 per year. (CDC). In 2006 the government began place stricter and sticker punishments on the Tabaco companies forcing them to sponsor anti-smoking campaigns. To combat that tobacco companies began producing electronic cigarettes and they’ve taken off like wild fire. The CDC describes Electronic Cigarettes commonly calls E-Cigs as, “battery-operated devices designed to deliver nicotine with flavorings and other chemicals to users in vapor instead of smoke.” E-cigarette don’t actually contain Tabaco, which exempts them from any existing laws that regulate traditional cigarettes. E-cigs are technology that is in its infancy, and as a result need to be more heavily regulated and held to the same standards as traditional cigarettes.
Supporters for E-cigs are marketing them as a healthy alternative to traditional cigarettes on a commercial for V2 Cigarettes doctor Mathew Huebner implies that vaping is a harmless “as boiling water.” The issue with a blanket statement like this is that the e-liquid you are inhaling is not a harmless water vapor.
Research shows that, “e-cigarettes may contain toxic chemicals and potentially harmful nanoparticles with formaldehyde,…

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