The Long Term Consequences Of Childhood Sexual Abuse Essay

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 The main point of this journal article (Davidson and Omar, 2014) is to summarise relevant studies on the long-term consequences of childhood sexual abuse found in females and to then identify the major consequences pre-pubertal sexual abuse has on women in their later stages of life.

 A key point emphasised is the characteristics surrounding childhood sexual abuse play a significant role in how affected the victim is in their adult years. Key factors include the duration of the assaults, the frequency, if physical violence is present, the victim’s age and the relationship between the victim and abuser.

 Another point made is that sexually abused women are twice as likely to encounter revictimization than women that hadn’t experienced any assault, that be either physically or sexually. Davidson and Omar (2014, 105) explain this occurrence is due to dissociation, PTSD and sexual preoccupation brought on by childhood abuse.

4. Identify why the information provided in your chosen article is or is not credible.

Davidson and Omar (2014) provide a consistent, credible article on the long-term consequences of childhood sexual assault. Whilst searching for studies to critique and summaries for this article, the authors made sure to include only relevant studies that were written in the last fifteen years to provide a most up to date assessment of childhood sexual assault consequences. The authors are also sure to correctly acknowledge and reference the studies that they…

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