Sexual Victimization Essay

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Legislative Impact on Victims and Offenders of Sexual Victimization Legislator’s goals to combat sexual practices are focused on informing the public of the threat it poses on the safety and health of victims. Meloy, Curtis, & Boatwright (2013) stated, making citizens aware of “who is a potential threat and to make sure that the law enforcement know whom the offenders are and how to find them and be able to keep an eye on them” is a fundamental way to ensure public safety. Legislators try to define the correct punishment for offenders by giving options on the level of punishment to be levied to an offender. A survey given to recent victims of sexual victimization resulted in the following: “ a) that lawmakers were familiar with …show more content…
The legislation has provided rights for domestic and sexual violence, treatment, and criminal consequences to violence against the victim. The increase in criminal sexual activity had an effect legislation to stop the upward trend of sexual offenders. Richards and Marcum, 2014, p.26 stated, “these laws include sex offender registration and notification, and in many states, they include residency restrictions and civil commitment statutes as well.” Offenders were targeted and “it could be surmised that society and legislators alike have progressed to a veritable war on sex offenders” (Richards & Marcum, 2014, …show more content…
The Center for Disease Control researched the social effects of sexual violence victims and came up with the following: The victims are likely to experienced “strained relationships with the victim 's family, friends, and intimate partners, less emotional support from friends and family, less frequent contact with friends and relatives, and lower likelihood of marriage” (Clements, Speck, Crane, & Faulkner, 2004, p.270).
What is driving the laws and definitions? Sexual victimization has been a prominent focus of societal concern, legislative action, and criminal justice system response. All of the laws are driven by a need to protect the community from sexual predators, teen pregnancy, and the health risk associated with unprotected sex. Sexual victimization is considered a serious offense that deserves serious treatment and criminal response because of the “extensive trauma, physical injury, psychological difficulties, and rape trauma that occurs for it” (Richards & Marcum, 2014, p.27).
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