The Logic Of American Politics Essay

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Chapter one is titled, The Logic of American Politics, and in this chapter a lot is discussed and explained. For example, the midterm election results were mentioned, which was in 2010, and for the Democrats there was no easy way to put that election to them. All President Barack Obama was able to tell the press was to “acknowledge the “shellacking” his party took.” Next was the tax breaks, ending the tax break was simple, Congress had to do nothing. Eventually the law would expire, and the Republican House with the task of having to try and persuade a Senate which is controlled by Democrats and the president to sign for a new legislation that would reinstate the tax breaks. Last but not least, the Constitution Framers, who were assembled in Philadelphia in the summer of 1787. It did not consist of any modern vocabulary of collective action issues, such as the prisoner 's dilemma or the tragedy of the commons. They also did not label or classify their institutional design mechanisms formally.

Chapter two, The Constitution, was based on the year 1780, which was a disaster for the American Revolution. In the late summer of 1780, nearly nine hundred Continental soldiers were killed, and nearly one thousand were taken prisoner. When the army came back together, only seven hundred out of the four thousand showed. The defeat of France in 1763 in the French and Indian War ended the hope for colonization for America. The British, who were celebrating their victory, had no idea…

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