The Little Prince Essay examples

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The Little Prince

The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint Exupery is a children’s novella written as much for adults as it is for children. The simplistic nature of the book can easily be misconstrued as a typical children’s story, however, the themes and morals of this story are designed to help adults live more fulfilling lives. The author dedicated the novella to his friend Leon Werth and simultaneously apologized to kids for making the dedication to an adult. The entire novella is a critique of adult tendencies and a celebration of the innocence and inquisitive nature of children. Exupery uses proverbs and metaphors to help simplify life lessons. The naïve and curious Little Prince asks the adult narrator a barrage of questions
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The Little Prince meets a drunkard who drinks to forget, but when asked what he is trying to forget, he cannot even remember. The Little Prince is self-confident and innocent and is able to point out the silly nature in the way these strangers are behaving. The author uses these characters to help his readers analyze their own behavior and hopefully correct any tendencies they might have that parallel the flawed characters in the story.
The Little Prince is a story of friendship. The innocence and friendliness of the Little Prince enables him to easily meet people and his youthful energy and his adept observation makes the people he meets to want to spend time with him. I loved that the Little Prince took the time to tame the fox. Most people decide they are too busy for things that might seem trivial. However, the Little Prince reveals to the reader that the most important things in life are those involving the heart. It is through this knowledge, taught by the fox, that the Little Prince is able to ascertain that his flower is different and much more meaningful to him than the millions of other roses that exist in the world. Antoine de Saint Exepury is teaching the reader that it is the personal traits and differences that make all of us unique. We need to celebrate our individuality take time

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