The Link Between Abortion And Crime Essay

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lives a good life and ends up being incredibly smart. The second child mentioned is one whose mom has abandoned him, has an abusive father and the kid is scared to speak up. This kid ends up doing bad in school, sells drugs and carries guns at only the age of 12 due to the abuse and neglect given. So essentially yes, spanking plays a huge part in a student’s life. Museums on the other hand can inspire kids on their future jobs, whether they can be historians or artists, it just depends on how the parent decides to address the situation to their child. This applies to the theme because you’re supposed to not just look at one fraction of the situation but also see what else is causing the situation and what people make mistakes on.

2.“What the link between abortion and crime does say this: when the government gives a woman the opportunity to make her own decision about abortion, she generally does a good job of figuring out if she is in a position to raise the baby well. If she decides she can 't, she often chooses the abortion” (145)
-This quote is important because it proves the author 's point of thinking more thoroughly into a situation. The main points given on page 119 show what people thought was decreasing crime rates, such as gun control, increased reliance on prisons, better policing strategies, etc. Though some worked and others didn’t, the main component no one was thinking of was abortion. Abortion plays a huge part in decreased crime rates because kids who…

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