The Life Span of a Child: Rjl Essay

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Developmental Psychology: The Child
Professor Kendall Soucie
June, 4, 2012

Case Study: Focusing on the Biosocial, Cognitive and Psychosocial Development of a Child Age 2

Subject Name: Robert Brandon Lee Lewis Jr.
Age: 2

Biosocial Development Robert, or Berto as his mother calls him, stands at about 3’ 3” which puts him in the 86th percentile and weighs about 39lbs which also puts him in the 97th percentile for children of his age, weight and gender. This gives him a BMI of 18.1 which is consider to be in the overweight range for his age, weight, and height, but he doesn’t appear to be chubby, so I believe that the BMI calculator isn’t accounting for his muscle tone. As a biracial child, he has inherited many recessive
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He smiles when he successfully uses the potty because he gets praise from his parents; this in turn reinforces the behaviour which is an example of Skinner’s operant conditioning. Robert is a very healthy and caring child he understands instruction when playing a game but it can take him a couple tries to get it right. This shows that he is in Vygotsky’s proximal zone of development when playing certain games, because with a small bit of scaffolding he understands, remembers and can execute the game by his self. He is very empathetic and when he sees someone that is sad he will hug or kiss them to make them feel better though he usually attributes their sadness to a “bobo,” which is a physical hurt. This shows that he is participating in egocentric empathy because he is using what makes him sad, “a bobo” and applying it as a reason for why other people are sad and doesn’t understand that people can be sad for many other reasons. He’ll then proceed to kiss the spot where he thinks the “bobo” may be, as that is how his mother makes him feel better when he has a “bobo”. Robert is currently in Piaget’s preoperational phase because he’s participating in egocentric empathy. To be sure of this conclusion, I had Robert attempt the conservation task several times. Each time I asked whether the tall skinny glass or the short wide glass held more water after pouring one into the other and each time he pointed to the tall

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