Essay on The Life Of The Hospital

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The Hospital
This place, it smells like synthetic clean death. The feelings of worry and sadness fill the room of others that sat waiting, waiting, and waiting. What is going on beyond those doors? No one knows in this terrifying waiting room. Is my mom okay? That is the real question. On July 13th, 2012, I got a call from my dad, telling me I need to be ready when he gets to the house. I kept asking ‘why? What’s going on?’ he tells me not to worry, he will tell me when he gets there. He hangs up, my sister, Kaylea, and I start to worry. What could it be? There’s a possibility it could be mom, but that is farfetched, she is not due for another few weeks. My sister and I start crying, worrying what it could be. My dad pulls in and before we even opened the front door, I could hear screaming coming from the truck. “Oh my gosh, it is mom!” I tell Kaylea. We start panicking while my dad comes through the door rushing around not saying a word. He tells us to get in the car, but we are hesitant. “Hurry up!” he says. We get in, crying even harder. My mom, who is in so much pain, cannot say a single word to us. Kaylea and I try not to cry when she looks back at us. My dad speeds to the hospital, passing cars left and right. We arrive at the hospital, not expecting to be here for another few weeks. Transport comes out with a wheel chair, helping my mom into it. We watch her as she gets wheeled into the emergency room. What do we do now? Hours have passed, my family started to…

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