The Life Of Technology

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It is the thing that makes us so powerful, but it will soon be the thing that will destroy us. It was only 1,022 years ago when there were real people that lived on this earth. The earth was filled with people who actually lived their life.. A place where people would find themselves and be their own person. A generation/span when families spent time together and played outside. It was a time when men and women would actually talk face to face, and not just bury themselves in their little phone screens. The invention of this technology, that enhances our abilities to know things and helps us accelerate our ability. What has our world come to? Only carrying about other people’s life rather than living our own. What happened to our society? …show more content…
sharp Fred was getting ready for school, preparing for what he had to be like in order for people to believe he was like them. When he was into school people didn’t even recognize him, his hair was different, his clothes were different, even the way he talk was different. He was a whole new person that people did not even know existed before this moment.
I could tell when he walked into school, he was all tense, there was spots of sweat glistening on his forehead because he was worried that someone knew his secret and then his whole plan would be ruined. But step by step he played it cool as if he was born just like them, and they quickly forgot about the person Fred used to be, the nerdy kid that wasn’t smart enough to have a phone brain and only cared about the environment. “Ding-a-ling, ding-a-ling” went then school bell, as everyone reported t class emidiety.
On a regular day Fred would be pushed to the back of the class where he would sit all alone in the the corner where he would have no one, let alone any friends to talk to. But today that
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“It’s up to me,” Fred thought to himself.
Rushing home, Fred lied on is bed for hours trying to figure out a plan to save mankind, but all the ideas he had were and jumbled up inside his head. Frustrated for hours, until he came up with the perfect plan! “I know how to destroy it! I know a way! There is finally hope for our world!” yelled Fred. In that instant Fred felt a rush, his blood was rushing, his heart was pumping, he finally felt alive. He knew exactly what he had to do now.
At night, Fred could not wait any longer for this machinery to be rid of, he planned to take down the one and only source that the phone could possibly run on, the only thing that make the phone browse the internet, search social media, and send texts, it was the tower poles. It was time they had to go. Fred set off for the expedition at exactly 12:34 a.m., when his parents finally plugged in, he carried a bottle of gasoline and a couple matches. He was planning to go to the biggest tower pole in his town, but that would only fix his town, so he decided to do one better and go to the capital. This is where everything is color world, and where everything can destroyed. To get there Fred to 4 buses, 1 hour each, and walked another 12

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