The Life Of Maine By John Cariani 's Play Essay

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Blinding Love in Almost, Maine

John Cariani’s play Almost, Maine takes place in a secluded region of Maine. Almost, Maine is an exciting play centered around the daily lives of different love hungry adults who seek love in one form or another. Cariani conveys a message about how these young adults are blinded by the sheer nature of love. Almost, Maine does a marvelous job at having different characters that demonstrate such situation to the audience. Many might assume that this just your average romantic comedy play however, Almost, Maine actually reflects our daily lives, proves that how much of a fool we can be sometimes to do anything for love. The prologue of Almost, Maine opens up with a couple Pete and Ginette sitting on the bench, drinking hot chocolate. At first, things between these two characters are awkward because they are hesitant to talk to each other. Sometime later on, Ginette finally breaks the silence and tells Pete that she loves him. Pete does not immediately respond back however, he tells Ginette that he loves her as well. Just when Ginette starts talking about how close they are, Pete tells her that the further they are from each other, the closer they actually are. Ginette walks away from him and begins traveling the world. If you think about it, it is crazy and very unlikely to find people that would actually do such thing for the ones they love. This shows that Ginette is so blinded by love that she risks crossing oceans and deserts just to be…

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