The Life Of Laramie, Wyoming, And The Field Of Psychology Essay

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¨[June Etta Downey is] endowed with an unusually alert and discerning mind and with a maturity of judgement extremely infrequent in students her age.¨ Spoke former president of Yale University, James Rowland Angell, whom Downey had worked under for her doctorate degree. Her contributions to the Science of Psychology left her with many honors and achievements by the end of her life time. Not only did she contribute to the field of Psychology, but to the advancement of women in society. She made advancements never thought possible of a woman, despite the negative gender stereotype.
Before all her success, Downey grew up in the small town of Laramie, Wyoming. Born to an Evangeline (Owen) Downey and Stephen Wheeler Downey, as the second of nine children, on July 13, 1875. Her father served as a colonel in the Union Army and one of the founders of the University of Wyoming. Downey attended Albany County Public Schools through grade school. Upon graduation, in 18 Downey attended the University of Wyoming, where she earned her Bachelor´s degree in Greek and Latin in the year 1895. In the year following, she taught at a local elementary school. Not soon after, she decided to pursue her master 's degree (Kimble, Wertheimer, 2003). For her masters, she studied at Cornell University under Edward B. Titchener, an important leader in early Experimental Psychology and a student of Wilhelm Wundt. In 1901, she graduated with a master 's degree in Philosophy and Psychology. From the…

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