Personal Growth: A Personal Essay About Extroverts

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Personal Growth This is not the first time I have watched the video; however, I can recall the first time I watched it. I was sitting in my room clicking through trending videos on Youtube, looking through slam poetry and I clicked on the video thinking it was going to be more poetry. At first I was confused, but the video held my interest. When the Dad brought out the book and read from his diary, I could not help the slow stream of tears fall from my eyes. The message hits the reader heavy and I remember it was not something I could not move on quickly from, I just stared at the screen, letting the credits roll all the way until the end. It was and still in inspiring. It is the kind of short clip that makes me want to be more patient and caring and slow down in life. At …show more content…
Introverts can make friends and do new things too, not everybody has to be outgoing in order to be happy and experience positive emotions and connectedness with others. Is it easier if somebody is outgoing? Probably. However, this fundamental seems as if it is contingent upon societies ideas about extroverts.
Be yourself – Perhaps this is the hardest of all the fundamentals because people are scared of showing their true colors and being rejected for them. It’s much easier to be rejected for bwing somebody else than it is for being yourself. All the traveleing I’ve done, I’ve learned to just be myself, there are so many people out there, somebody is going to like me for me, I just have to be wiling to push my boundaries and put myself out there.
Eliminate negative feelings and problems – In the movie, the Dad did a great job of this. Instead of becoming upset in return of his son getting upset with him, he stayed calm and got his diary and had his son read from it. He appeared to move from the negative experience the two of them shares to a positive experience they shared that also taught the son a valuable

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