Essay about The Life Of Immigrants During The United States

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The Life of Immigrants Immigrants in Iraq have many reasons to leave their country , because of the economic situation in Iraq. They leave their countries to get a better life. Most of them want to feel democratic and security. Most people leave their counties, because of less jobs opportunities and the governments are unfair to the citizens. People have so many reasons why they leave Iraq. Some leave Iraq ,because of religious and they don’t have freedom of speech. When people are being oppressed by government ,they leave Iraq to find a better home.
Many people from different religious and different cultures come to the United States to look for a better life. Some are getting away from religious and political persecution while others come to search out the "American Dream”. Some leave for circumstances, some for experience, and some to escape abusive administrations that undermine their rights or religions.
Also belief that every nation has good financial support. Numerous workers leave their nations in the trusts they will discover higher-paying occupations, preferred schools and more secure homes. The younger generations leave their counties because they have discovered new jobs and new life styles.
Political and religious oppression still runs widespread in a few sections of the world.
In specific ranges, the individuals who rehearse a specific religion may be derided or focused by nearby legislators and may even face detainment or dangers against their…

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