The Life Of His Brother, A Boston Printer, By Benjamin Franklin

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Apprenticed to his brother, a Boston printer, a young Benjamin Franklin was writing for his brother’s newspaper. He never got anything published under his name, and he would often compare his writings to those of other published writers. Benjamin wrote a submission and slipped it under the door. Finally, his submission was published in The New England Courant under the name of Silence Dogood, a minister’s widow. Under the pseudonym he wrote satirical comments about the Boston society, politics, and religion. Silence Dogood was not very fond of Harvard. She believed that kids being sent there were only learning how to become conceited(Dogood). He wrote 14 letters under the name of Silence, but when he stopped writing his brother wanted to know who the woman was. His brother had put in the newspaper asking for whoever Dogood was to come forward. When Ben revealed that he was Dogood, his brother was furious. His brother made sure Franklin would not be able to get hired at another printing press in town, so Franklin left his apprenticeship, and ran off to Philadelphia where he became a thriving printer. Under another pseudonym, Richard Saunders, he published Poor Richard’s Almanack. The almanac provides literary influence in many different forms: proverbs, epigrams, rhymes, and aphorisms which was spread out throughout the calendars, weather forecasts, and even astronomical charts(PoorRichard.) He uses Poor Richard to instruct the “common people.” It showed the people how to…

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