Benjamin Franklin's Religious Beliefs

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Mad Men In the 1700’s, there were a plethora of different religious beliefs ranging from atheism to Puritanism. Benjamin Franklin was among those who had mixed beliefs. His religious views, as stated in his “Letter to Ezra Stiles,” can mostly be considered Deistic. Franklin believed there was punishment at the beginning of the afterlife to attone for immoral behavior on Earth. He also believed that God did not intervene on Earth, but solely governed His creation by His Providence and His Providence only. Lastly, Jesus Christ, although not divine, led a life that should be modeled in morality.
First, Benjamin Franklin believed there was punishment directly after death on Earth to atone for immoral behavior, and after punishment, there was to
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A common belief among Calvinists is that God is the Almighty Creator of the Universe and He loves and cares for His children. In contrast, although Deists believe God is the Almighty Creator of the universe,
He is distant and does not take part in our lives. Franklin seems to side with the Calvinists in this topic; however, it is not enough to consider him to be a Calvinist due to his next belief concerning the divinity of Jesus. Lastly, Franklin had doubts as to Jesus’ Divinity, but firmly believed Jesus’ “System of Morals and his Religion, as he left them to us, the best the World ever saw or is likely to see …”. Most Calvinists tend to believe Jesus is the divine Son of God who died to save us. Clearly Calvinists and Deists disagree on the topic of Jesus’ divinity and it is crystal clear which side Franklin is on. It is evident that Ben Franklin is a Deist from his “Letter to Ezra Stiles.” He shares multiple beliefs with Deism such as: there was punishment after death on Earth and prior to a peaceful afterlife, God created the universe and governed it by His Providence, and finally, that Jesus, although not divine, set a moral example that is the best the world has ever seen or is likely to see and his example should be

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