Essay on The Liberty Of The Truth

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“The Liberty of the Truth”
Storybooks and movies show that American history has always been one of freedom, independence and liberty. According to these, since the beginning of colonial times, America has been a paradise for those in search of a perfect land where to re-establish God´s law and order, to speak freely and to start a new life without punishment or judgement. New England was the new heavenly kingdom for the Puritans persecuted in England for their radical beliefs.
The American story of freedom begins with such persecution of the dissenters of the Anglican Church and the arrival of the Pilgrims in the Maryland ship in 1620. They established Plymouth, in Massachusetts, allegedly the first American settlement where freedom of conscience became a civil right. Afterwards, Puritans migrated to these lands, setting out their colonies to practice freely their faith. But, as Kenneth C. Davis once put it, “the problem is that this tidy narrative is an American myth” (2010). In the same article, the author states that the Massachusetts Bay society founded by the Puritan fathers in the 1630s only tolerated freedom of Puritan conscience. In his words, this new Puritan English Colony “did not countenance tolerance of opposing religious views”. Puritan theocracy as a system of government did not allow, under any circumstance, religious or political dissent.
Contrary to the popular myth, people who fled England escaping religious persecution did not primarily found freedom in…

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