The Letter Of Warning Contained Subjective Statements Essay

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The letter of warning contains subjective statements pertaining to what appears to be four separate allegations, and does not provide sufficient information. For example, your statement of “…a variety of shortcomings and oversights” is subjective terminology, and non-descriptive, and provides little to no detail for me to construct a response. Nor does the letter of warning identify the misconduct to be corrected.

I do however wish to address the eAwards incident. Your statement that I miscalculated the balance of eAwards in July 2016 is a gross mischaracterization of the facts. The eAward balance information that I provided was an extract from the Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW), was in fact accurate. The missing detail is that on February 26, 2016, Jeffrey Williamson, CHRO, send a letter to “Officers” with the subject line: eAwards Open Season for Fiscal Year (FY) 2016, along with an attachment explaining the allocations of eAward funding. Neither, you or the Manager, Integration and Support (CFO) gave me with a copy of the Williamson’s eAward letter explaining the FY16 specifications for the eAward Program. When I brought the Williamson letter to your attention, your response was that I should have researched the eAwards protocol, since it was my first time processing eAwards. While you were aware that $10,000 of the total eAward balance (EDW total) was set aside for PECS awards, I was not made privy to that information. The resulting reallocation of the award funds…

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