The Lesson By Toni Cade Bambara Essay

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In Toni Cade Bambara 's short story, "The Lesson" Toni tackles a lot of recoil injustice but what she talks about the most is economical injustice. In the story Bambara try’s to make a connection between poverty and education and how that relates to her own life. Bambara shows how poverty and education are connected together by taking us two main characters to show us what going on Sylvia and miss more are a student and a teacher. Sylvia is a poor student who lives in the ghetto Harlem with her family. Miss Moore is a well-educated black woman who sees that the kids lack knowledge out of poverty and decide to do something about it. The way that the story relates to Bambara 's life is that she was born and rose in Harlem and she seeing poverty and some people believe that she is Miss Moore.

Sylvia, who narrates the story, is a young girl living in a poverty filed area of New York Harlem. She has adopted the pose of a know-it-all to her friends who can figure out things for herself, and she says that she resents and she does not need Miss Moore, Miss Moore college-educated African American woman who is taking a role of being a role model and teacher for the kids. Miss Moore takes the kids on a trip to a toy store. Miss Moore knows that this will be a new experience for the children, who have never left the ghetto before, and that they will see new things that hey have never seen before. She wants the kids to know about how many and education is unfairly giving…

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