Examples Of Control/Bond Theory

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Control/Bond Theory (define in your own words):
The control theory suggests that feeling connected or disconnected by social relationships, and society as a whole, it affects behaviors in a positive or negative way. Basically, the stronger social relationships you have may contribute to positive results as part of Hirschi's concept of bonds.
Key terms/concepts:
The attachment bond means that people value the opinions of these others they are attached to and when people feel part of their society they are less inclined to exhibit deviant behaviors. Another part of Hirschi's theory is the bond of commitment. The idea here is that people more involved in their community or social structure, then they feel like they are a member of the community
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First, the eyeballing of each other shows how they are somehow attached by being classmates, but they are also each committed to their social groups, asian with asian, Hispanic with Hispanic, and black with black (lone black in the store). The black kid, Grant, is upset with a game and expresses hostility with the Asian clerk and his anger goes into the clerk’s inability to speak the language [of this society]. Sindy, the Asian girl is more comfortable, exhibiting the concept of similarity in the Asian run store with her two Asian friends until the black boy gets hostile. The Hispanic girl just looks like she might steal stuff, which is a deviant behavior, and ultimately does after things start heating up. Finally, the Hispanic “gang member” pulls a gun to kill the opposing “gang member.” The black boy sees what is about to go down, ducks and the Asian boy is killed instead. The bonds between each social group are clear. What is tragic is the Asian kid was not part of this, and the look on the Sindy’s face shows she is used to this happening yet is sad. The overall message is that none of these teens feels any sense of attachment to the community at large, they are all committed to sects of the larger population and that is where the hostility resides. In the aftermath, Eva, the Hispanic girl, was the only witness to the …show more content…
Clearly, this girl is labeled as a strong student but with a different take on things. Since the book is about a black society, he assumes she will see it different from the white kids. This is making false assumptions about her experience and also labels her as different. She exhibits a primary deviance as she expresses interest in taking Erin Gruwell’s class instead. While the class is for lower academic standards, her interest is based on noise that is is affecting students positively and she won’t be the lone black kid and isolated in that way in the

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