Essay on The Legalization Of Marijuana Use

1447 Words Oct 13th, 2014 6 Pages
With the recent legality of marijuana use in some states and the slow but sure erasure of the stigma surrounding marijuana use, it is no surprise that there are fears about whether legalization will result in increased rates of use. However, legality is not the only thing that affects an individual’s use. When thinking of marijuana use, most view it as an individual’s decision to use the drug. However, it is known that peer pressure often plays a large role in an individual’s choice to use marijuana. Going beyond the traditional understanding of peer pressure surfaces the question of how a person’s relationship with his friends affects the pressure to use marijuana. Does peer pressure have a larger impact when the individual considers his peers his “best friends?” Or what happens when the individual considers someone a close friend, but the friendship is one-sided? Does that affect the extent to which peer relationships influence marijuana use? Following the lines of how relationships affect marijuana use, how does the parental relationship affect an individual’s marijuana use? Does perceived closeness with a parent serve as a deterrent to drug use, and how much does parental supervision work to prevent an individual’s marijuana use? Between parental and peer influences, which one is stronger? Which relationship overrides the other? Through the reading and analysis of several studies concerning the correlation between deviant behavior such as marijuana use and parental/peer…

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