The Negative Effect Of Substance Abuse On Children

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Almost forty percent of high school seniors reported that they had taken drugs in the past year. This shows how increasingly different the world has changed and used more substance abuses over time. Substance abuse is the intentional and chronic use of drugs, alcohol, or any other substances that can alter our bodies despite side effects or hazards that occur from taking a certain substance. Most individuals in society use drugs to either fit in, feel better, perform better, or escape reality. These drugs can seem to be promising to beginning users but usually turn out to control the user instead of the user controlling whether they really want to take the drugs. This happens because after substance abuse, activities no longer pleasure them, …show more content…
One shocking statistic is that roughly eight million children that live today have at least one parent that depends on or at one time abused illicit drugs or alcohol. This parental abuser can lead to many social, physical, and emotional problems that find their way into the hands of these young human being, who shouldn’t be exposed to this behavior at such a young age. One way that substance abuse affects children is influence them to make bad decisions and in the end become substance abusers themselves. This is crucially important to stop because this could be a common trend that potentially could ruin more than families but even encourage the overall decline in power that the United States has as a superpower. Substance abuse destroys children by forcing them to lose their trust in parents or relatives that abuse certain drugs or alcohol. This is crucial in a young life because children depend on the care of the parents to help them develop into adults, but parents that are addicts instead make their children basically fend for themselves and usually the children don’t have any authority or guide to help them make the right decisions. Parents that abuse drugs also lead kids to be less encouraged and confident in themselves because their parents aren’t there to bring them up when they are low. Down the road, this …show more content…
Financial problems occur for a number of reasons that can become actions that are under the radar of a unaware family. Substance abusers can be extremely good at secretively extracting family money from bank accounts and other types of money storages. Instead of providing a family in need, the user will throw the money away on drugs or alcohol that they think is a must have. One example of this is a cocaine or heroin addict, who could easily fork over 10,000 dollars to satisfy their cravings when their family is starving at home. Due to these intense addictions, the substance abuser may partially or fully disconnect from their job and stop providing their family with money to pay for the food and other necessities that are essential for families in this day and age. Without these main providers in the family, other families are forced to step up and provide for the rest of the family that may have not be able to work because of illness or being too young. Addicts not only take away money but also create bills and increased insurance costs because they may have health problems that require additional help from other people. Because of these continual financial problems that can hit a family like a lightning bolt, younger family members can find themselves in the monstrous cycle of poverty because of their troubled relative that struggles with

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