Teenage Drug Addiction

Teenage Drug Addiction
By: Gabrielle Young

Gabrielle Young
Mr. Womack

Teenage Drug Addiction Teenage drug addiction is a problem that has been increasing throughout society today. Drug addiction can stop us from accomplishing goals or dreams in life. People often believe they are too bright, too powerful, and too much in control to become addictive. But addiction can trap anyone. The sooner people seek help for drug addiction problems; the better they are at gaining control of their life once again. In the research paper I will explore the influences of drug abuse; the five drugs that are most used today, the physical and physiological effects of drugs and what can be done to prevent drug abuse.
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Kidneys: The kidney suffers from drugs because causes body temperature increases and muscle breakdown, so when the muscle breakdown so does your kidneys. Damage can happen to the liver in numerous ways from drugs. Some of drugs are just really bad for the liver and affects it directly and other is inadvertently dangerous because the liver is able to convert the drugs into chemicals and those chemicals also cause liver damage. The more you use drugs the more damage you cause to the tissues in your lungs. Over the years the tissues in your lungs will become thicker and less flexible which will cause you to have trouble breathing. Paranoia and depression are one of the major physiological effects of drug abuse. Teen who use drugs often become depressed because, using drugs puts them in a serious mental stage. So, because they don’t like the stage in which they are in they often become depressed because of it. People using cocaine or marijuana have a higher chance of getting paranoia because they feel like everyone wants to hurt them or is out to get them. But they also tend to get paranoid because of the fact that selling and buying drugs is illegal. So the chance of getting caught is higher which leads to …show more content…
Parents and teachers should talk more about drug abuse and the health risks that come along with drug abuse. Even though teens understand that their lives are at risk they don’t care because they have no one there to tell them that’s wrong, maybe if parents were more observant as to what their child is doing there would be fewer teens addicted to drugs. Prevention also includes paying attention to the type of people you are hanging with if there a bad influence you shouldn’t be hanging with them. Consider the things adults tell about the effects of drugs and try to stay as far away as you can from them. Listen to the messages from the media and try to avoid peer pressure. There are lots of other ways to avoid drug abuse and if one finds themselves becoming involved they should seek help immediately before it’s too

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