The Legalization Of Marijuana Should Be Legal Essay

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The decriminalization of marijuana is a long standing debate where states are in conflict with both citizens and the national government. While some lawmakers are stringent in their quest to continue prosecuting marijuana users, those who oppose the criminalization of cannabis have made great strides in advocating the use of marijuana by debunking the myth that it is a gateway drug, implementing its use for medical purposes, highlighting the ability to allow law enforcement to focus on more primary areas of policing that do not involve petty “crimes” such as marijuana usage, and reiterating the fact that marijuana is safer than other legal drugs, like alcohol and tobacco.
One of the primary benefits of legalizing marijuana is for medical purposes. (“Debate.Org”) Thousands of patients and their families and doctors have experienced and witnessed the medical benefits of marijuana. They have told others. They have testified at public hearings and appeared in the mass media. They have contributed to books and research studies on the drug. The phenomenon is real. (“Thirteen”) Medical marijuana is not just for daily ailments, but also for chronic conditions where pain management is vital to improving the functionality of a person 's state of health. (“Medical Marijuana and Chronic Pain Relief”) People smoke sativa for the purpose of treating depression and for increasing focus energy and creativity. Indicas on the other hand reduce stress. Indicas offer relief for a much larger…

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