The Legalization Of Doctor Assisted Suicide Essay

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In Canada, the legalization of doctor-assisted suicide started with the passing of Bill 52 in the province of Quebec. After years of work and debating, the National Assembly adopted the Right-to-Die legislation in June of 2014. Later, with the election of a new federal government, the Liberals taking the place of the Conservative Party, the Parliament passed a bill to allow and regulate assisted dying. This gave the doctors across the country the power to decide, following the decision of the ill patient, to terminate their life. What was once illegal now seems to be generally accepted by the politicians who made this law possible. We are not talking about a minor issue here; it is the life of humans that is at stake. More than that, it is their dignity that is being shaken. We believe that history has been rewritten, but not the right way. We think that assisted suicide should have never been legalized and we are not alone to be on our side. (T.D)

First of, in order to build a strong and credible case, we had to do research on the subject. We tried to find papers written by specialists of all sorts who were interested in dealing with the question of the legalization and decriminalization of assisted suicide. Our investigation began on the website of the Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec(BAnQ), on which were compiled many publications about the subject we were concerned about. Looking quickly at the titles, we tried to pick the ones that defended the same…

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